How do you
stay on course
when the landscape is always changing?

We can help you navigate.

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Refined by decades of experience, our approach is to provide holistic and practical solutions
with a focus on defining and attaining our clients’ metrics for success.  
Advanced Analytics & Data Management

Companies on the forefront of innovation are moving away from basic reporting tools that provide descriptive analysis toward solutions that deliver diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics needed to generate actionable insights and empower decision making. These solutions will provide awareness, business intelligence, and historical traceability to key stakeholders.

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As commerical and government contracting becomes more complex, the industry is challenged with maintaining compliance and reducing revenue leakage.

Our team of experts specialize in performing assessments to focus resources, systems and processes to meet challenges presented by:

  • Industry-Wide Restructuring
  • Regulations
  • Operations

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By leveraging our pharmaceutical expertise and collaborating with leading manufacturers, we have developed a variety of solutions designed to answer questions relating to:

  • commercial and government contracting
  • business performance
  • sales trending
  • cost control
  • revenue management

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Automated Solutions

Software should serve the needs of an organization, not the other way around.  Automated solutions and efficient tools are critical for accurate, compliant, and high functioning performance.  In addition, these solutions should be flexible and scalable to accommodate the evolving and complex revenue management and regulatory landscape.  Riparian has built a “Center of Excellence” designed to achieve these goals.

Our team of experts work closely with manufacturers to gather IT requirements, which are aligned with business objectives to design/implement solutions or modify existing systems.

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