The Next Evolution in Government Pricing

Streamline your workflow with empirical data, efficient methods, and an intuitive interface.
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We believe that software should be an intuitive tool to create efficiency.
Helix has been created by GP professionals for GP professionals to accomplish this goal.
Focus User Efforts

Helix will allow you to spend more time on value-add activities. No more work-arounds to validate accuracy of results.

Expedite Onboarding

Intuitive design and analytical capabilities provide transparency to calculations, shortening the ramp-up time for a novice user to get up to speed and start adding value.

Highly Flexible

Every organization is different and we believe there is no one-size-fits all methodology. Helix allows users to customize "unbundling" and price type calculations to fit the needs of the organization.


Notes and key facts relevant to each transactions and/or calcuation are memorialized in the system.

Facilitate Story-Telling

Users can create "storyboards" that capture key insights to be shared with GP management and upper management, in real time, as work is being performed.