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Riparian Empowers Organizations through Data Management & Advanced Analytics

Riparian’s Data Management and Analytics solutions address many of our clients’ most urgent business challenges.  We have extensive, hands-on experience integrating many types of data from a variety of sources, which we use to power analytics solutions that enable our clients to make decisions based on deep, real-time insights.  Some key areas addressed by our Data Management and Analytics solutions include (but are not limited to!) sales trending and channel analysis, US and global price reporting and analysis, workflow, and analysis of team performance.

Our Analytics Services are a natural extension of our extensive experience with data management, integrations, and data warehousing.  Our team has a long and successful history of developing and implementing custom data pipelines with a variety of different toolsets tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We have worked with 3rd party industry data, real-world economic data, client contracting and pricing data, and more.

Our Data Management and Analytics service offerings span the full solution lifecycle, from current state assessments and business case development through implementation of custom on-premise and/or hosted solutions.


Data Management

  • Data Consolidation and Integration
  • Transformation
  • Validation
  • Statistical and Strategic Analysis
  • Integration of  3rd Party Data Sources via various APIs

Data Visualization

We have experience using numerous data visualization tools to build management dashboards, for instance:

  • Commercial/Government Pricing Analytics
  • Global Pricing Analytics
  • State-by-State Medicaid Rebate Analytics
  • Competitive Pricing Analytics
  • Business/IT Team Performance Analytics
  • Decision and Action Tracking

Advanced Analytics

  • Forecasting
  • Statistical Modeling and Predictive Analysis
  • Performance Management
  • Channel Analysis and Trending

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