Management Consulting

Riparian’s government price reporting consulting practice helps businesses in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry comply with complex regulations

Changing regulations within the government price reporting sector can create uncertainty, leading to non-compliance and costly settlements. Our team helps clients maintain compliance while offering strategic advice to inform current and future business decisions.

We understand that regulatory compliance is rarely controlled by a single business function and requires a holistic approach.  For example, government pricing teams often face difficulty when processing bundled sales if (1) they lack the appropriate training, (2) the commercial sales team is acting independently, (3) legal has not clearly defined a bundled sale arrangement, (4) IT has not enhanced the contracting/reporting systems to process bundled sale arrangements correctly, or a host of other factors.  We specialize in solving these challenges and collaborating with different internal and external teams.


  • Product Launch Strategies
  • Contracting/ Pricing Strategies (e.g., performance-based discounts) 
  • Gross-to-Net Forecasting                                      


  • Government Pricing "GP" Programs Assessments/ Audits (e.g., methodologies, calculations, pre- and post-calculation procedures, documentation)
  • Contract Compliance Assessments (e.g., managed care)
  • Compliance Risk Registers and Audit Work Plans
  • Implementation Testing (e.g., parallel calculations)
  • Contract Reviews (e.g., consistent application of "bona fide service fee" definition and "bundled sale" definition)

change management

  • GP Calculation Methodology Revisions
  • Historic GP Restatements
  • Process and System Controls Audits

    Merger & Acquisition Assistance

    • GP Due Diligence
    • Methodology Alignment
    • Planning and Management for Bridge Period Calculations

    OPERATIONAL enhancements

    • 340B-Compliant Limited Distribution Models for Drugs Subject to Market Shortage
    • Development/ Delivery of Targeted GP Training Modules
    • Medicaid Rebate and 340B Accruals
    • Certification and Sub-Certification Process Enhancement

    LITIgation Support

    • Subject Matter Expert
    • Exposure and Liability Analytics
    • Expert Report

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