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We empower our clients by delivering innovative solutions that provide efficiency, clarity, and accelerated insights.

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At Riparian, we believe that solutions originate when we listen, understand, and deliver together as one team.
Let our team of Technology and Subject Matter Experts be an extension of your team.


Our technology services cover the full system development life cycle from providing the solution (ranked Top 10 Enterprise Solution Provider by PharmaTech Outlook magazine), to implementing the solution, to providing ongoing support.

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Our consulting services cover a broad range of matters at the intersection of strategy, compliance/risk, and reward. We perform complex data analysis and identify opportunities for enhancements to business operations and systems.

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Our managed services or outsourcing allows manufacturers at all stages of maturity to optimize their resources by leveraging industry experts to identify, implement, and execute best practices for critical business operations.

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Our Leadership Team

David S Chan

Co-Founder and CEO

David has overall responsibility for the strategic direction of Riparian, product development and specific client initiatives. David brings 19+ years of experience leading advisory teams in the life sciences.

Cynthia Hwang

Co-Founder and Senior Vice President

Cynthia has 18+ years of experience advising a variety of clients in the life sciences industry – including generic drug manufacturers, “traditional” brand drug manufacturers, and manufacturers of specialty therapeutics (including gene therapy).

Jose Lustre

Chief Operating Officer

Jose has spent over ten years leading complex and critical initiatives, including launching new brands, companies, and internation markets. With a background in technology, brand management, business operations, and finance, he is focused on accelerating Riparian's growth.

Don Russell

Sr Director, Managed Services

With more than seventeen years of pharmaceutical industry and managed services experience, Don’s primary concentration has been in Government price reporting, program contracting and rebate adjudication. Prior to joining Riparian, Don was Practice Leader for Deloitte Advisory Managed Risk Services leading the Government and Commercial rebates and fees practice.

Susan Dunne

Sr Director, Consulting and Managed Services

Susan has been working with Life Science manufacturers for over 25 years, providing support for their interactions with federal pricing programs through state-of-the-art compliance programs, GP calculation support and strategic analytics. A licensed attorney, Susan has long-standing relationships with government, law firms and industry leadership.

Timothy Nugent, CPA

Sr Director, Consulting and Managed Services

Providing over 25+ years experience in revenue management consulting to the Life Science industry. The experience and expertise Tim offers was developed through successful implementing and maintaining working relationships with 100+ large, medium and small manufacturers to address their regulatory, compliance and operational revenue management issues both commercial and government.

Luca Bernardo Ciddio

Sr Software Architect & CISO

Luca has 15+ years of software engineering experience working with companies of all sizes in three countries, and has been writing software for three decades. With a strong background in computer science, security and AI, he is currently responsible for the overall architecture and innovation of our flagship SaaS platform.


Accumulator Programs Impact on BP

Riparian Article

The Proposed Rule includes a revision that can result in manufacturer-sponsored patient assistance programs being included in Best Price. In order to estimate the financial impact of this proposed revision, manufacturers will first need to determine how to incorporate manufacturer-sponsored patient assistance program transactions in Best Price.

COVID-19 Part 4: Redefining Product Launch Strategy After COVID-19

Riparian Article

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing tremendous shifts in both supply and demand for the Life Sciences industry. Manufacturers are gearing up for these changes, while trying to meet the needs of a suddenly changed market. For manufacturers imminently planning product launches in these turbulent times, adjusting strategies for these changes will be critically important.

COVID-19 Part 3: COVID-19 Relief Efforts and Government Pricing Considerations

Riparian Article

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a pressing need not only for medicines that help treat known COVID-19 symptoms and vaccines against the virus, but also significant demand for the treatment of prevalent health issues potentially related to COVID-19.

COVID Part 2: How Can the Effects of COVID-19 Create Shifts in Market Segmentation & 340B Covered Entities?

Riparian Article

While the life sciences industry is on the front lines of battle against COVID-19 working on vaccinations and treatments to combat the virus, manufacturers must understand and prepare for how the shifts in demand and patient populations will impact their Government Program liabilities and Gross-to-Net.

COVID Part 1: How Can the Macroeconomic Effects of COVID-19 Impact Medicaid Liabilities and Accrual Forecasting?

Riparian Article

Undoubtedly, COVID-19 will leave an unprecedented impact on our economy for months, if not years, to come. While the life sciences industry is on the front lines of battle against COVID-19 working on vaccinations and treatments to combat the virus, manufacturers must understand and prepare for the potentially significant financial implications to their Government Programs.

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