Team Members

Meet the team

David S Chan

David has overall responsibility for the strategic direction of Riparian, product development and specific client initiatives. An experienced entrepreneur, David brings 20+ years of experience in the life sciences, previously starting and successfully exiting a consulting company through a sale to IQVIA.

David S Chan

Co-Founder and CEO
Cynthia Hwang

Cynthia has 20 years of experience advising a variety of clients in the life sciences industry – including generic drug manufacturers, “traditional” brand drug manufacturers, and manufacturers of specialty therapeutics (including gene therapy). Cynthia successfully exited a previous consulting startup through a sale to IQVIA.

Cynthia Hwang

Co-Founder and Senior Vice President

About Us

At Riparian, we believe that breakthrough innovations can only happen when we challenge what is expected, inevitable, or accepted. This requires a radically different approach to problem-solving; a challenge to overcome. At Riparian, we challenge the status quo. Where other companies back down, we find solutions. When new challenges arise, we rise to those challenges. Challenge Accepted.

This makes Riparian a unique solutions provider to pharmaceuticals / life sciences manufactures with an extremely narrow but deep vertical focus with consulting, outsourcing, and software services in revenue management.

When starting Riparian, we looked to the natural world for inspiration for our vision and mission. In nature, the riparian zone provides unique value, acting as an interface between the river and the land, reducing turbidity, regulating river speed, recycling nutrients, and ultimately providing an efficient ecosystem.

Similarly, at Riparian, our mission is to empower our clients by acting as an interface between our clients and technology, providing clarity around murky government regulations, helping navigate the turbulent waters of the ever changing regulatory landscape, assisting clients control the flow of information, and overall providing efficiency and accelerated insights through innovation.

Our approach starts by listening. Your agenda not ours. Tell us what is keeping you up at night and we will help navigate toward the right solution, either ours or one of our many industry partners.